This was a very special 2nd and last litter for our unique girl Una. She was 7,5 years old, so this was our last chance to do this litter.

It was not an easy decision doing this litter as Una doenst have the best hips. But breeding dogs are more than looking as just one parameter, we study the whole picture. Una had a super litter in 2020 with 5 beautiful puppies, with super health clearances, temperament, conformation and breed type. Una is in super health, never had a day ill and never compromised in movements.

We decided we really wanted one more puppy after her at home. We decided we wanted to use a young dog from UK that i had been following since he was a puppy, Foxriever Mystic Marvel at Elkysar. We met him for the first time in January 2023, he was such a stunning dog with a super temperament. After talking to his breeder (Denyse) and owners (Mary and Keith), we knew Thomas was the right dog for Una.

We really wanted to fixate the super qualities in these dogs when it came to breed characteristics: head type, coat, bone, paws, great angualtion, perfect proportions and smooth mover. 

So this was a mild line breeding on Gladrag in the mood and Elkysar Eytukan, mixed with strong lines with low inbreeding coefficient from Kelsmere and Van Elegast. The combination still had a low COI number for being a line breeding. 

The breeding took place in UK, at Mary and Keiths place. We had some wonderful days there together with Denyse. We did everything in our power for the breeding to produce puppies. And Una became pregnant!

Time for the birth was getting closer, everything seemed normal. But the birth was not that easy.. It was very long.. Una had 3 puppies but only Kim survived. We did everything in our power to make these puppies, and sitting there with little Kim was a fantastic moment!

Kim is developing into a super girl! She have a lot of the qualities we wished for when we did the breeding. 


"Little" Kim is staying with us!!

Shows: BOB minor puppy with HP - BIS 4 Minor Puppy. 2 x CAC in Norway (one kennel club CAC) and 1 x CAC in Sweden

Titels: SE JV-24

Hips:              A/A
Elbows:          0/0
EIC: Carrier (by parentage)
GSDiiia: Clear (by parentage)
PRA-cord1: Clear (by parentage)
Bite: Normal