The First-Litter was born on the 15th of July 2020. The pregnancy and delivery was after the books. The result was 6 puppies, one was still born. The remaining 5 gave me an amazing experience as this was the first time i had a litter. Una was a great mother and the rest of the pack helped to raise them well. All the puppies stayed in Norway with families that does the best for the puppies. Can`t wait to see how they develop and what the future brings! 
I was lucky to use Birk on Una. He a 10 year old male, loved and owned by Ulrika Hallenborg in Sweden. Birk was proven stud, he had 3 litters before with bitches of different lines than Una. He is a healthy male with A hips and eyes scanned without heriditary issues. His offspings have good statistitcs when it comes to health, conformation and working abilities. Birk have done well in the the show ring too, gained the show champion title in Sweden and Norway. His biggest accivement was BIS at the Swedish Curly specialty some years ago. Birk have also scored high on the mental test (MH test) where they test the dog in different situation, he scored better than the average for the breed. When it comes to working abilities Birk is retrieving both dummies and cold game, he have done tracking and rally obidience. I was so lucky to use Birk and have him in my house for this breeding. For the 7 days he stayed he showed himself to be an excellent dog with the bestest of temperament. He was a social, easy going dog that was obidient and well behaved in every situation i experienced him! 

Heather - Una - Ira - Karo - Falsen

Heather - Una - Ira - Karo - Falsen

Skaringen`s First Impression

"Karo" is my keeper in this litter. I hope i will have lots of fun with her.

Show results: BIS & BIG at NKK Rogaland 2022 (first curly to ever win BIS at a NKK show in Norway), 2nd Best Bitch at Curly World Specialty show in Sweden 2022 (60 bitches entered, she got the CAC there), 3 x CAC in Norway, 2 x CAC in Denmark, 1 x CAC in Sweden, 2 x DK JCAC, 3 CACIB, 2 x Nordic CAC, 4 x BOB, 3 x BOS, 11 x Excellent with CQ,  BIS 1 junior, BIS 1 Intermediate and BIS 4 at Retriever Club Shows, BIG 2 NKK Kristiansand (11 shows in total)

Titles: NO UCH, DKCH(U), SE U(U)CH, NORD V`21, NORD JV`21, DK V`21, DK JV`21
- 2nd place on the top dog NKC shows 2022

Hips:                      A/A
Elbows:                  0/0
Eyes:                      Clear (valid until 8.11.23)
EIC:                        Clear
GSDiiia:                 Clear
PRA-cord1:           Clear
B-locus:                 BB
Other:                    Qualified for Hunting test

Skaringen`s First Of All

"Neo" was the first born and the big boy of the litter. He lives far north with a fellow curly and more dog friends. Hope to this guy in the show ring!

Shows: BIS, 2 x BIG 1, 2 x BIG 2, BIG 3, BIG 4, 19 x Excellent with CQ, 1 x Excellent, 6 x CAC (NO, DK, SWE & FI), 3 x CACIB, 3 x Nordic CAC, 1 x Res Nordic CAC, DK JCAC, 16 x BOB, 2 BOS, 2 x BIS 1 Junior, BIS 1 & 2 Intermediate, 2 x BIS 3, 3 x BIS 1 at Retriever Club Shows, 2nd male in open class at the Curly World Seminar Specialty show in 2022 with Excellent & CQ. (numbers to be updated)

Titels: NO UCH, DKCH(U); SE U(U)CH, NV'22, DK V`21, DK JV`21 
- Top Winner NKC shows 2021

- Top Winner NKC show 2022
-  Top Winner DKC shows 2021

Hips:                        C/C
Elbows:                    0/0
Eyes:                       Clear (15.11.21)
EIC:                         Clear
GSDiiia:                   Clear
PRA-cord1:             Clear
B-locus:                   Bb
Other:                      3. prize in novice class Rally obidience. 

Skaringen`s First Of His Name

"Falsen" is living in Bergen with his first time dog/curly owner. He is a boy with tons of humor! 

Shows: BIG 2 all breed cac show, 3 x Excellent, 5 x Excellent with CQ, 1 x BOS, 3 x BOB, 3 x CAC, (8 show)

Titels: NO UCH

Hips:              A/A
Elbows:         0/0
EIC:                Carrier
GSDiiia:          Clear
PRA-cord1:    Clear
B-locus:          Bb
Other:             2. prize at blood tracking in Open class.

Skaringen`s First Lady

"Noomi" stayed in the family. I will follow her closely and hopefully show her sometimes! She was the tough girl in the litter, which she need when she lives the stable-life with several horses. 

Shows: 4 x Excellent with CQ, Norwegian Junior Winner 2021 & BB3, 1 x BOB, 1 BOS, BIS 2 Junior  and BIS 4 at Retriever Club show, 4th bitch in open class at the Curly World Specialty show  2022 with Exc & CQ. ( 4 shows)

Titels: NO UCH, NJV-21

Hips:                   A/A                   
Elbows:              Not taken        
EIC:                    Carrier
GSDiiia:              Clear
PRA-cord1:         Clear
B-locus:               Bb

Skaringen`s First Edition

"Nova" was the smallest girl in the litter. She was so sweet and super contact seeking with everyone. I wish her first time dog/curly owner all the best with her!

Shows:        Not shown so far
Hips:          A/A
Elbows:      0/0

Made by the amazing Nicolina Gustafsson

Made by the amazing Nicolina Gustafsson